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Pruning... the best kept secret of the vine

It is from the first frost, often at the beginning of December, that the pruning season begins. Thus, our teams work in the vineyard until the beginning of spring to prune our 45 hectares spread over the 5 properties.

Pruning is an art that requires rigor and flawless adaptability, in fact, each vine is different and must be pruned according to its particularities.

It's a choreography that must be mastered to allow the vineyard to reveal its full potential.

By practicing gentle pruning called physiological pruning, the Domaines Bourotte-Audy teams allow us to keep the vines for many decades.

One of the best examples is located at Clos du Clocher: this is our plot of Cabernet Franc which dates from 1951 on the Pomerol plateau, and which year after year, thanks to the care provided by our team and in particular thanks to precise pruning, produces high quality fruits as illustrated below.

Despite the often capricious weather in winter, our vineyard team continues its mission and would be delighted to help you discover how to prune like a professional! Don't hesitate and book your visit to Château Bonalgue or Clos du Clocher now to learn a little more about pruning.

Here is a demonstration made by Patrick, one of our collaborators who prunes one of our young plots at Château Bonalgue.


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