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White wine with black grapes: these winegrowers who reinvent themselves with innovative vintages

By Martin Lemaire and William Plummer - Le Figaro VIN

Further east, in Lussac-Saint-Emilion, Jean-Baptiste Bourotte also produces a blanc de noirs. It's a first try, but the one who runs the Château du Courlat feels that the amateurs are receptive. “ We put it on the market in March 2024. There is a lot of curiosity. Sales are good and the three thousand bottles are likely to sell out quite quickly ,” he notes. The work in the cellar was done in such a way as to produce an ambitious wine, with half vinification in new barrels to bring depth and richness to the wine. “ I remain convinced, whatever the reputation of the castle, that we must question what we have done in the past ,” assures Jean-Baptiste Bourotte.

Extract from the article published in Le Figaro Vin, 07/03/2024


The echoes


The best rosés of summer


The Rosé du Courlat,

burgundy, 2023

Pure direct-pressed Cabernet Franc with a light color, the wine offers a nose of Amarena cherry.

The palate, in this image, develops lively on almond, black cherry, and is part of a refined pastry universe. The peppery finish brings complexity and sapidity.

Extract from the article published in the Les Echos supplement, on 06/20/2024


Extract from the article published in the June 2024 edition - By Mathieu Doumenge

In 1924, the Corrèze merchant Jean-Baptiste Audy acquired beautiful plots of land

near the Pomerol bell tower. This newly constituted domain then took the name

from Clos du Clocher. A hundred years later, his great-grandson Jean-Baptiste Bourotte watches over

with talent on the good performance of family businesses and on the continuity of this great terroir

Pomerolais, which gives birth to wines of remarkable Classicism. Demonstration


Extract from the RVF for June 2024 - by Pierre Vila Paleja about Clos du Clocher

This discreet property of the plateau takes a step forward in its definition and depth while retaining the smoothness that gives it its charm. To be followed closely...


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