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Sustainable development, at the center of our approach

The challenge of our time is to reconcile biodiversity, environmental protection and economic viability. This issue is no longer an option but a prerequisite, in fact, the consequences of the impoverishment of biodiversity are notorious. Bordeaux, as one of the most important French wine regions, must shine and be a pioneer in environmental matters. This is why, at our level, within Domaines Bourotte-Audy, we work every day for the protection of fauna and flora. By respecting our vineyard, our wines are committed to future generations.

It is the conviction that modern viticulture must respect ecosystems and biodiversity in general that pushed Jean Baptiste Bourotte to direct his vineyard towards organic farming practices. The proximity of local residents and the respect we owe them also supported this desire. As a result, for several years our teams have no longer used synthetic pesticides or chemical products, following the specifications of organic farming. For 3 years now, we have also adopted biodynamic techniques thanks to the preparations and infusions that we regularly apply on our vineyard.

Beehives at Château Bonalgue

The maintenance and planting of hedges around our plots is a major issue. The oldest serve as natural nesting boxes for the many birds recorded, such as skylarks, hoopoes and gray warblers. The hives installed at Château Bonalgue can ensure the pollination of all plant species within a 1km radius. The park and woods at Château du Courlat as well as its pond are an important source of biodiversity and a considerable shelter for deer, foxes and bats.

Château du Courlat - Lussac St Emilion

We have joined a new project led by the Agricultural Observatory of Biodiversity (OAB) and in partnership with the National Museum of Natural History . The objective of this project is to better understand ordinary biodiversity in agricultural environments, its evolution and its links with cultural practices. This cooperative research will be used to populate national databases and develop innovative actions.

Plant cover at Château les Hauts Conseillants - Lalande de Pomerol

Plant covers are also an excellent source of biodiversity for soil life. They improve the supply of humus and restructure the soil in our plots. This cutlery is also a great ally against the effects of drought. On this theme, we follow a protocol launched by the Chamber of Agriculture for counting earthworms and therefore evaluating the quality of our soils. Soil work has been redesigned since 2020 to move towards gentler work that respects the structure and balance of this underground ecosystem.

All Domaines Bourotte Audy properties are HVE 3 – High Environmental Value certified. Le Clos du Clocher is in its last year of conversion to Organic Farming. 2024 will be the first certified organic vintage


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