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Héritages… the work of art of Clos du Clocher

To symbolically close the marvelous garden of its vines on the Pomerol plateau, Clos du Clocher calls on Maxime LIS, the youngest designer to have joined the permanent collection of Mobilier national

Return of the pickers in front of the Church of Pomerol

1924 Jean-Baptiste Audy acquires the plots of vines he dreamed of, in the heart of the high terrace of Pomerol. In this blue clay which give their depth to the wines. The church is there, watching and giving him a name for his new vineyard: the Clos… du Clocher.

2023 One hundred vintages later, Jean-Baptiste Bourotte signs his twentieth harvest at the head of the estate, and chooses to tell this story in a unique work, in the very place where his great-grandfather blazed the trail.

Maxime Lis takes up the challenge: “I want my project to reveal the history of the estate, a centuries-old heritage fully anchored in its time. This sculpture must be the sensitive meeting of gesture, material, emotion, narration, exploration of the visual and tactile senses.

A sculpture then emerges, close to architecture, an ode to movement and the work of the winemaker. Both immobile and yet so changeable, the large blades illustrate the alternation between the effect of mass and the horizon that we can observe when we move in front of the rows of vines.

Jean Baptiste Bourotte - Owner

The artist's working philosophy echoes that of the field: adapting to constraints, eliminating the superfluous, submitting technique to aesthetic research.

Maxime's answer came as obvious: the play of perspective in the rows of vines which, as a child, intrigued me so much, the invisible link with the bell tower and my great-grandfather, the refined but assertive geometry of the work, everything in its proposal resonated with family and local history. »

From the millennial geology of Clos du Clocher emerges a great wine, in an ever-renewed quest for healthy, balanced grapes and reserved lands. So much work and demands that stand the test of time...


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